Questions and Answers
Beautiful-Sunset-copyIf you're new to the world of having a quilt top professional longarm quilted, or you need a t-shirt quilt, you may have a few unanswered questions. I hope the responses below will  help put your mind at ease about doing business with me. 
Thank you, Grace

Q. Where is "Enchanted Quilting" located?
A. In  the beautiful  high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico on the West side of town.  We've lived at our current address for over 33 years.

Q.  What form of payment do you take?  
A.  Cash and all major Credit and Debit Cards.
Out of town customers pay by PayPal for safety and convenience!
 Q.  How long does it take to get my quilt top quilted and returned back to me? 
A. This depends on my current workload.  However, weeks is the norm.
Also, please read my "Prepare Quilt" tab for a beautiful quilting outcome!

Q.  How long does it take to get my quilt top back for Christmas delivery? 
Thanksgiving is my cut-off for Christmas Delivery.

Q. Can you bind my quilt for me? 
A. Yes! There are several styles to choose from.  See Binding Services  tab.

Q. Do you make T-shirt quilts?
A. Yes! I make Custom T-shirt quilts! Just bring me your clean t-shirts and I do all the work for you!  Please see my T-Shirt Quilts tab.  

Q. Do you make Memory or Memorial Throws from my loved ones clothing?
A. Yes I do. These throws are made with soft fabric on the back and are generally hand tied with wool yarn or lightly quilted. 

Q.  How long does it take to complete a T-Shirt or Memory Throw?
A. I request 60 days, but depends on how many orders I have at the time. 
Q.  Should I cut up all my T-Shirts for you?
A.  No, I'll do ALL the work for you! Everything is included in the price. Scroll to the bottom of my T-shirt Quilts tab for more information.

Q.  Do you work with stretchy fabric backs such as Minkee and Fleece? 
A. Sorry, I don't.  The static electricity from these fabrics can damage expensive computers, so I won't risk my expensive investment.

 Q. If I already purchased my own batting, can you use it?
A.  Yes, so long as it has been cared for properly against extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Otherwise, it will fall apart during the first washing. Batting should be at least 3" larger than your quilt top on ALL 4 sides.   Please see "Prepare Quilt.

Q. I live in a remote area, do you supply batting? 
A. Yes, Hobbs - 80/20, 100% Warm and Natural and 100% bonded polyester.
See Quilting Supplies tab to find the one that best meets your needs.

Q.  What are Folds and Puckers?
A.  When a quilt top is not pressed well and won't lay flat, folds and puckers may occur during the quilting process. It is very difficult to quilt when extra fullness is present on the quilt. But rest assured, that I will do my very best to work most of these out.
Q. What if I can't find a pattern I am looking for, like Mermaids or Penguins?
A. Not to worry. I have hundreds of patterns to choose from and some very unusual ones too!  I can also research my pattern vendor website's to find just the right pattern for your special project.

Q.  How much of a deposit do you require?  
A. No deposit is required. However the total balance will be due when I'm ready to deliver or ship your finished quilt.  
Q. When you mail back my finished quilt top, will you insure it on the RETURN?
A. Yes for up to $200.00 is standard.
Q. Have you ever lost a package you mailed back to a customer?
A. Thankfully no!  Today's "Tracking Numbers and Systems" are state of the art for worldwide companies such as Fed Ex, UPS and USPS. 
Q. Have you ever damaged a customer's quilt?
A. No, thank heaven!  But like all mechanical devices they can cause issues on occasion.  I take every precaution possible to prevent any damage to any quilt by changing my needles regularly.  Rest assured if an accident ever happened,
I would contact you immediately and try to remedy the situation!