For beautiful quilting results, prepare your
quilt top and backing fabric with the list below! 

  • First, Pin a note sheet with your Name and Phone Number to your quilt top, backing fabric and batting! 
  • Trim threads, especially dark ones that may show through lighter fabrics.
  • Check your quilt top for missed seams or stitching gaps.
  • If quilt is directional, pin a safety pin at the top of your quilt. 
  • Quilt top & backing should be well pressed to prevent pleats in quilting.
  • Fold lengthwise then place on a hanger to prevent wrinkling.  Extra long quilts should be folder twice lenthwise then placed on a hanger.
  • Backing fabric & batting should be 4"wider on all 4 sides of the quilt top incase quilt drifts to the left or right during the quilting process.
  • I sell batting, but if you provide it, please ensure it's large enough. 
  • Trim all backing fabric edges straight.
  • Stitch backing fabrics together with a double seam, then press to one side.
  • Wait to add embellishments until after quilting has been completed.
  • Quilt top, batting and backing should not be pinned or basted together.

* Please Do Not pin or baste together your quilt top, batting and backing.
   I will charge $10.00 handling fee to remove any and all pins or stitching.