Enchanted Quilting
About Grace
Hi, I'm Grace and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I've quilted since my teenage years but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would've been able to turn my love of sewing and quilting into a business!  But because of you, here I am, standing in my very own longarm quilting studio with lots of work ahead of me! My company continues to grow stronger with each passing year.  A big commitment  like this doesn't happen without a lot of faith, devotion, hard work and loving support.  So allow me to take a few moments to thank everyone that encouraged me to take this huge leap of faith.
First to my supportive and loving husband of 36 years, who only after both of us had been laid off, within 3 months of each other from our long time hectic careers in the corporate world, taught me that the door closing is just as important as the window opening.  He attended many longarm machine dealer demonstrations with me and helped make sense of all the differences between the equipment I was researching.  It was often very confusing, and trying to wrap my bemused little mind around all that information was scary to say the least.  But our time and investment paid off and within no time at all I was purchasing my "Second" computerized longarm machine due to overwhelming growth! 
And to all the many family members and friends that encouraged me to pursue my quest of owning my own business and website, I humbly thank you and promise to make you proud!

"My Personal Promise"
To deliver the highest quality in workmanship and service, and to exceed each of my customer's expectations in everything I do! My aim will always be to present the very best in longarm machine quilting at a  fair and reasonable price! 
 Grace Park