Enchanted Quilting
All-Over Quilting
 2 cents a square inch.

If you've made a quilt, I can
do the beautiful quilting!

All credit cards accepted!

Hi, I'm Grace,
A well known professional longarm machine quilter with an excellent reputation for beautiful quilting at fair and reasonable prices! Call to schedule an appointment to meet with me regarding your beautiful quilt top!

T-Shirt Quilts!!
If you're interested in turning T-shirts in to an heirloom treasure, I do All the sewing for you!!

Mosaic Style T-shirt Quilt.

"My Personal Promise"
To deliver the highest quality in workmanship and service, and to exceed each of my customer's expectations.  My aim will always be to present the very best in longarm machine quilting at a  fair and reasonable price! 

Prices and website information subject to change without notice.