What's Included in the price? 
Well, each one is custom made and tailored by me.
You have a lifetime of sewing excellence going into your quilt!
You choose the Quilt Style, Quilting Pattern and Back Fabric.

T-shirt Back Fabric.docx (DOCX — 376 KB)
T-shirt Backing Fabric Hint: 
Many clients choose a Grey or Multi color.

Reason: Dark colors show lint and hair and light colors show dirt and dust easily. 

Here are just a few of the steps I'll take to complete your quilt!
Note: Time intensive quilts requires 2 months to make and deliver.

1) Trim and cut up all t-shirts to be used in the quilt.
2) Press and stabilize each t-shirt with lightweight interfacing.
3) Trim all the t-shirts to 12" or 15" block squares.
4) If needed build up any Extra Small t-shirts to a 12" or 15" block.
5) Create a logo block from pocket/sleeve logos on t-shirts.
6) Design the quilt with the arrangement of the t-shirts.
7) Sew all the t-shirts together to form the quilt top.
8) Add sashing borders and or "optional" outside borders to the quilt. 
9) Press seams flat to prevent puckering or folds in the quilt top.
10) You choose from Premium fabrics and muslin for the quilt backing.
11) Hobbs 80/20 blend high quality warm batting in the quilt.
12) Quilt the finished creation with your choice of quilting pattern.
13) Serge all 4 edges by machine for strength and long term wear.
14) Finally I will Machine bind the edges of the quilt for durability 
and a beautiful finish.

Thank you for considering Enchanted Quilting
to make your treasured and priceless quilt!  
Grace Park - Owner 505- 897-1345