Enchanted Quilting
Quilts up to 70" = 1.5 cents a sq. in.
Quilts 71"- 100" = 1.75 cents a sq. in.
Quilts over 100" = 2 cents a sq. in.
   $35.00 Quilting Minimum. 
Hello, I'm Grace!
Now that you've put that final stitch on a
beautiful quilt top you've spent countless
hours completing. You'll want to have it
quilted with the same caring hands it took
to finish it! Well look no farther because I have
great prices and my quality is second to none!

Also, receive a 20% off  coupon 
for each quilting friend referral!

Free Solid Thread!  
Free Serge Finished Edges!
  Free Tote Quilt with your first order!

Two Quilting Machines = Quick Returns!
Call to schedule your quilt consultation today
or e-mail me at enchantedquilting@q.com!

Sorry no Minkee or Fleece as backings accepted. 
Their static electricity can damage computers.

Prices subject to change without notice.