Enchanted Quilting
All-Over Quilting Price.
Throw to 60" = 1.5 cents a sq.inch.
 Queen 61" - 90" = 1.75 cents a sq.in.
         King 91" - 125" = 2 cents a sq.inch.
$35.00 quilting minimum
All major credit cards accepted!

For the very best in longarm machine
quilting you've come to right place!

 Welcome, I'm Grace!
A well known Albuquerque machine quilter with an excellent reputation for beautiful quilting at fair and reasonable prices. I'm also highly recommended by many of the local quilt shops in town! 

But quilting is not my only passion. I also make T-shirt quilts throughout the year for various occasions like High School Sports and Clubs, College Sororities, Concert Bands, Military, Workplace and Vacations too! I promise only the highest quality of materials and workmanship goes into each and every quilt I make.
So have a look around my website and feel free to call with any of your questions.

Thank you for your time, Grace

Prices and website information subject to change without notice.