Enchanted Quilting
Quilts up to 70" = 1.5 cents a sq. in.
Quilts between 71"- 100" = 1.75 cents a sq. in.
Quilts over 100" = 2 cents a sq. in.
   $35.00 Quilting Minimum. 
Welcome, I'm Grace Park!
Finally the day is here when you've put that final stitch on a beautiful quilt top you've spent countless hours completing. Now you want to have it quilted with the same caring hands it took to finish it! 

Free Solid Thread!
Free Serger Finished Edges!
  Free Tote Bag!

20% OFF of one quilt for referring a
Quilting Friend, and the friend receives
Free Batting! So share my website!  
Why do my clients enjoy quick returns?
I own two longarm machines!! So have a look around. I'm sure you'll agree that my prices are better than fair and that my attention to detail is exceptional! 
Studio Picture of second machine means quick returns back to you!
 All consultations by appointment only.

 Thanks for visiting,
 Grace Park
Quilting Designer

Prices subject to change without notice.